Let's keep our memory active and young!

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It is normal that as the years go by we forget certain things from time to time, but when memory is affected and there is an increased difficulty in carrying out everyday tasks, it is necessary to seek medical advice.

First of all, but what is memory? Memory is based on the ability to store and access information in our brain.

It can be distinguished into two types of storage: short-term memory, referring to information that we store for only a few seconds or minutes, or long-term memory, referring to information accumulated for longer periods of time.

Ageing, excessive alcohol consumption, illnesses such as thyroid, kidney and liver disorders, certain medications, emotional problems (such as stress, anxiety and depression), lack of rest, nutritional imbalances, mild cognitive impairment and dementia, are pointed out as the main factors affecting memory capacity.

Let's give you some tips on what you should eat and do to maintain a young brain!

As we mentioned that nutritional imbalance is one of the causes for brain ageing, it is necessary to consume a certain type of food, - such as nuts (high in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids that contribute to brain health and the maintenance of cognition), flaxseed (natural production of acetylcholine that improves memory), oily fish (rich in omega-3 that preserves cognitive function), green tea (has a positive effect on cognitive performance) and coffee (when taken in moderation, it improves alertness and, consequently, memory indices), to keep the brain young.

In addition, you should maintain a moderate restriction of calorie and saturated fat intake!

To maintain an active memory it is not enough to have a healthy and diverse diet, it is also necessary:

  1. Learn something new often.
  2. Ensure 6 to 8 hours of rest per night.
  3. Doing regular exercise
  4. Having time with friends and family
  5. Do activities that help you relax such as meditation, tai chi and yoga.

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Author: Knower™ Care Center