Home Support Services

Home Support Services - What are they?

We bring the health care you need to the comfort of your own home, including medical, nursing, rehabilitation and personal hygiene services, among others.

We also have valences of great utility for the patient and for families in general, from the follow-up and monitoring of health parameters, to home care for patients with reduced mobility and a wide range of simple or more complex interventions, which can be carried out at the patient's home.

For a correct assessment and referral of home care assistance, all services must be booked through our call centre on 211 561 793.

We guarantee convenience, speed and a high quality service provided by carefully selected professionals trained for this purpose. We also have a network of reliable partners, which guarantees an efficient response.

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Specialities and Services Available

We develop our activity considering the needs of home support on a punctual and/or permanent basis:

Examples of one-off care:

  • Injections for administration of prescription drugs
  • Simple or special dressings with treatment of wounds or bedsores
  • Algaliation
  • Nasogastric tube placement or replacement
  • Serum administration
  • Collections for analyses and tests
  • Removal of stitches and staples
  • Aspiration of secretions
  • Administration of oxygen therapy
  • Aerosol administration
  • Application of enemas
  • Follow-up of chronic, degenerative and neoplastic diseases

Permanent Care:

  • Daily services or with fixed and regular scheduling of assistants, nurses or technicians.
  • Home assistance and on-call services for at least 24 hours a day.
  • The health professional can remain at home 24h/7d in order to guarantee all the care requested by the patient.

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