World Bone Marrow Donor Day

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Bone marrow is a "spongy" tissue that fills the inside of many bones and their cavities. It is in this tissue that there are progenitor cells, i.e. cells with the capacity to differentiate and give rise to any cell in the peripheral blood, the so-called progenitor/stem cells. These cells constantly renew themselves, maintaining a relatively constant number throughout life. (source: sns)

Did you know that bone marrow transplants are often the only way to cure serious and fatal diseases such as lymphomas, leukaemias, severe anaemias, among others, and that around 80% of everyone has a potential compatible donor and this is the only way to cure them?

Donating bone marrow is a simple and safe act that helps save lives. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to make more than one donation. Bone marrow is a tissue that regenerates quickly, so it is possible to make more than one donation.

Surgery is not the only way to donate bone marrow and there are no negative impacts for the donor. Almost 80% of the time, the marrow is extracted using a process called apheresis, which doesn't involve surgery and is similar to a blood transfusion. The donor may feel only slight discomfort and goes home the same day. (source: news magazine)

How to become a bone marrow donor:

To become a bone marrow donor all you have to do is fill in a form and take a small blood sample, nothing more.

It should:

  • Between the ages of 18 and 45
  • Be at least 50kg and 1.50m tall
  • Being healthy
  • Never received a blood transfusion since 1980

You can register as a potential bone marrow donor at IPST mobile brigades (consult here).

  • No fasting required
  • You must be accompanied by your ID or Citizen's Card
  • In the case of foreign nationals resident in Portugal and with a good command of the Portuguese language, they must be accompanied by a residence visa.
  • After the blood collection, you will be enrolled in CEDACE until you are 55 years old and will not need to repeat the procedure.

If you can't make it to the places mentioned above, please send us the completed survey by post to Lisbon Blood and Transplant Centre - Transplant Areaby fax to (+351) 21 750 41 41 or to Once you have been assessed, you will receive a letter summoning you to the nearest blood centre.

(source: portuguese association against leukaemia)

Author: Knower™ Care Center