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Learn about the main health precautions you should take in summer and enjoy your holidays in good health

Sun, beach, heat! Summer is the season most conducive to socialising outdoors, on the beach or in the countryside.

As temperatures rise, our bodies are subject to certain threats and it is therefore important to take care of our health and our bodies so that we can enjoy the summer without any worries.

Here are 6 tips for looking after your health in summer:

- Moisturising

Every day we lose fluids through perspiration and urine, and 3/4 of our body mass is made up of water.

The recommended intake of 2 litres of water a day is something that should be reinforced this season to ensure the proper functioning of the organs.

So as well as drinking water, supplement your hydration with seasonal fruit and vegetables such as melon, watermelon, chayote, among others.

- Alcoholic drinks

Moderation in the consumption of alcoholic beverages is always recommended, but in summer this recommendation takes on a new importance!

Drinking alcohol stimulates urination and sweating, which increases water loss and can consequently cause dehydration.

- Sun protection

Sun exposure is a risk factor for melanoma and other types of cancer and this should be a year-round concern, using sunscreen come rain or shine.

However, in summer, we are more vulnerable due to the increase in type B ultraviolet rays, and so it is recommended:

  • use a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher;
  • avoid sun exposure between 10am and 4pm;
  • sunscreen should be applied before putting on your bathing suit and reinforcing it after two hours or whenever you dive;

- Sunshine

Hyperthermia, commonly known as heatstroke, is a rise in body temperature that exceeds 40 degrees Celsius.

This condition occurs when the body's temporal regulation mechanisms are overloaded. Some of the symptoms are nausea, headache, dizziness, mental confusion and convulsions.

In the event of heatstroke, seek a cool, ventilated place, drink water and seek medical help as soon as possible.

- Mycoses

The growth and reproduction of fungi tends to increase during the summer. Humidity and heat are factors that stimulate the growth and reproduction of this type of infection.

To prevent this type of situation:

  • Only go to swimming pools whose water quality can be verified;
  • Wear slippers when using communal environments;
  • Take a full shower as soon as possible after leaving the beach or pool;

- Food

With the arrival of hot weather, we tend to favour lighter, water-rich foods. At this time of year, in order to help our bodies process food and not overload the digestive system, we recommend eating light foods such as greens, vegetables and fruit, which are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Author: Knower™ Care Center